What prevents you from…

appreciating your own value

When we talk about value, it is not so much about the value of the salary to be obtained, but often much more about applying for the “right” job or position.

As can be read in an article of the FAZ in June 2019, women do not trust themselves enough in the job market and are particularly likely to apply for occupations that are below their professional qualifications. This is clear from a study by the Competence Centre for the Safety of Professionals (Kofa).

Why is that?

Women are stricter than men in the requirements of job advertisements and are usually more reluctant to present their previous work experience and informal skills aggressively.

Apart from structural problems, such as breaks in work after pregnancy or the care of a family member, as well as inflexible working time models, among others, the question remains whether socialisation characteristics, role clichés and psychological causes – such as a weak self-esteem – also play an important role here.

What can be done about this?

Highly qualified women must be motivated to apply for jobs that match their professional qualifications. But how does woman overcome the hurdles and stones she puts in her own way? How can she “recycle” these stones constructively?

Well, the first task is root-cause research: to listen proactively and honestly to yourself and question where all these hurdles and stones come from? Few people are able to do this on their own. Best of all, woman gets professional help.

Mentoring programs, executive training and/or a coach can work wonders.

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