Why so hesitant

Whether in salary negotiations or in professional life itself, women often sell themselves below value. A survey of 500,000 workers by IG Metall even found that one in four women is employed below their actual qualification

Gender Pay Gap

On average, women still earn less than men in Germany. The wage gap arises not only from the interruption of employment biographies, for example by starting a family.

Female Recruiting 1

How do you attract and inspire women for your company? Which measures should you implement internally in order not only to find talent, but also to retain it in the long term?

Female Recruiting 2

How do you specifically attract women to your company? Which measures should you implement in your recruiting process to attract the best talent?

What prevents you from…

… appreciating your own value.
When we talk about value, it is not so much about the value of the salary to be obtained, but often much more about applying for the “right” job or position.

Soft Skills

Curse or blessing Research by the management consulting firms Catalyst (2004) and McKinsey (2007), BCG (2020) has shown that companies with a minimum number of women (about one third) in the highest management boards actually generate better key indicators than companies without or with fewer women in management positions. Management advisors base this on “typical […]