Get to know

Without obligation and with confidence, you are invited to an open talk where you can tell us how you envision your future career.
What excites you, what did you value in previous roles, and where do you want to go?
Together we will develop a strategy to get you to where your potential is already waiting for you


We don’t squeeze your CV into a profile that we preformate, because your CV is the mirror of your person. Every company attaches importance to different aspects. We look through your documents together with you and help you find a red thread through the sometimes winding paths of your life. In this way, we optimize your resume for the goals that suit you best.

Interview preparation

Our job interview coaching starts exactly where you need the most support.
We know that it is not easy to sell yourself. Often it’s not a lack of experience, knowledge or skill, but a false modesty that hinders you from showing your own skills in the best light.
But don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. We are your spotlight on the stage of your (work) life . In an individual coaching session, we go through all the stages of your professional life with you. During that process, we’ll restructure your thoughts, boost your imagination, and make you aware of your strengths so that you present yourself in the best possible light at every interview.

Get feedback

Every interview should help you move forward, regardless of the outcome. Honest feedback is the basic prerequisite for this.
We compile open feedback from our clients and go through it with you. We give you tips on what you can improve in your next interview and what things you should avoid in the future. You will profit in any case!

Contract negotiation

A new job is only perfect if the conditions are right. Especially in the delicate situation of contract negotiations, we are by your side with advice and help you find the right tone.
Together with you, we will get the most out of your offer. This does not always just have to be a higher salary. We know our customers, the market and many instruments that can unexpectedly contribute to your satisfaction.